Citizenship in a Republic
in a Republic

Help us rock the establishment by sending a hot-blooded Nicaraguan into the Senate.

More importantly, show the Grand Old Party's talking heads. That a common-sense approach requires a common man.


Because The Rock needs a stunt double. You’ll get behind the scenes photos of some of my work. 


He doesn’t always type, but when he does, it’s seriously fast, and serious.


Yes, cleans up well when performing as a conservative republican.

Bad Hombre Collection

Ladies, we heard your catcalls and took them to our lefty leaning liberal focus group.

Without further ado, we have agreed to release our bad hombre into the fray. Hide your guns in cages ladies, because we have a dreamer for you.


Delivered through our socialist postal program, absolutely no exceptions.

Money Back

Imagine if we had the opportunity to get refunds on our elected officials? Back in line, no refund for you!

Online Support

You betcha, it's the only way to move forward in the information age.

Soy Nica Y Que

Our Pinolero series will have you thinking back of the days you rocked out with the cocks out, at your grandparents finca.

What's more, all sizes use the Nicaraguan Manzana Duey Decimal system, so you can reminisce con Los Viejos.

Last but not least, don't forget to be on the lookout for our new "A La Gran Puchica" spring collection coming soon.

Reefer Madness

Green New Deal

Ozium not included, get 5 Incense when you upgrade to our Hysteria package. Don't forget to neuter your pets before enjoying your edibles.

Trending Now

Vasec to me?

That's right you little girly man, we are working on bringing you none other than our Hanz & Franz collection.

This way everyone can hear you complaining about a woman's right to choose now and never listen to you later.

** Trigger warning - Not actually endorsed by Hanz & Franz, our team is still trying to reach them

End of Shady Senators
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People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do. 

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